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Someone, please explain how it is September already? I swear we just got back from Kelowna last week. Kindergarten is starting up next week. Toronto is 3 weeks away. Christmas is in 114 days. This summer went by way too fast.


Toronto Booked!

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In less than one month, I will be taking London on her first ever airplane! She is “very, very, very, VERY excited” and I am very, very, very, VERY anxious; I hate flying. The special thing about this trip is it will be with London, her dad and I. Yes, we are doing a “family” trip.

Years ago, her dad and I discussed taking London to Disney for her 5th Birthday. After talking to some moms (and kids) who went to Disney as a younger child, I decided I would rather wait until she was a bit older, so she would remember more of it.

Once that was kyboshed, her dad suggested doing another trip. Last summer, we went to Banff together and London got to see the mountains for the first time. I was thinking he had something like that in mind; a trip to the mountains, a weekend is Calgary; something close.

It was basically go big or go home and he pitched going to Toronto. I haven’t been to Toronto since I was 19 years old. So I figured, why not?

Our flights are booked, we’re staying at a lovely downtown Airbnb condo, rented a car to drive up to Niagara Falls for a day; got amazing seats to Blue Jays vs. Yankees baseball game. I may need a vacation from this mini vacation. Did I mention we are spending 5 days together? This hasn’t happened in…I’m not sure it has ever happened.

I think it is super important that her dad and I get to experience moments like this together; the three of us. Just because things couldn’t work out with him and I, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t mean we aren’t able to be amicable and enjoy a life we created. I want London to understand things may be different then her friends, but she is incredibly lucky to have two homes, more love than she could ever possibly understand, and two parents who are pushing any differences aside, so she’s able to spend time with them, together, as a whole.

Coming for divorced parents, I understand her want for “mommy and daddy to be in one home together” but she needs to understand this is better for everyone and it just means there’s more one-on-one time for her.

This post digressed…
Yay Toronto trip!


It’s been awhile since I've done some make-up reviews and figured it was time.

SMASHBOX Step-By-Step Contour Kit is still my go to for contouring (& it is currently on sale at Sephora!) the color tone matches my sink perfectly, the brush is soft, with a good application (I always use a blending brush to blend into my sink).

STILA Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow has become one of my favorite evening looks (even London loves having some sparkles on her eyes) it doesn’t fall off and stays for hours; Smoky Storm is my favorite.

I just started using L’Oréal Infallible Total Cover Foundation; its okay; nothing special. You do have to build for fuller coverage which is fine but I found I had to add a bit of another foundation to get a thicker consistency. I purchased it, on sale for $16.99 (regular price $20.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart) so it wasn’t a complete waste. I will not buy is again and I will stick to my all-time favorite drug store foundation; RIMMEL Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation; this stuff is A-MAZING.

My go to liquid eyeliner, hands down is from TART – Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Eyeliner. As the name states, the precision is amazing. Very easy to use, easy to remove, I just love this eyeliner all around. I’ve tried a few other ones but I will no longer waste money on anything that isn’t TART.

Now let’s talk mascara; I cannot express the love/hate relationship I have with mascara. I have been using mascara since I was…12 years old? That is a lot of years and A LOT of mascara.

I still have not found one I am absolutely in love with. I like a few and there’s a few I will go back to when I’ve tried a new one and haven’t liked it - but I have yet to find the “life changing mascara” people talk about. I am currently using A LOT to get my lash look;

Marc Jacobs – it doesn’t have a name on the label and couldn’t find anything online. I purchased it from HOLT a few months ago – not a fan.
Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara – I do like this one, the bristles give a clump free application but not the thickness I want.
Bourjous Volumizer Mascara – I felt as though the brushes looked and felt the exact same, doing nothing special for my lashes.
L’Oreal Miss Manga – this is probably my favorite out of all of them for volume. The only complaint it I don’t feel holds up through my 16 hour work day.

I just did some shopping at Sephora, so there will surely be a follow-up post with some new items!

Stay tuned!


Summer Vacation

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Last week, we took our first every vacation together! We visited Calaway Park in Calgary, AB – I have a little thrill seeker on my hands. My almost five year old LOVED the water ride, the swinging ship and every other ride she was tall enough to enjoy. We ended up going during the opening weekend of the Calgary Stampede, so it was probably a lot less busier than normal. It was beautiful weather too which made it a perfect way to start the trip. We decided to stay overnight at The Stoneridge Mountain Resort in Canmore, AB – this is going down as my favorite hotel in the mountains; I’d never been to Canmore before and there was something peaceful about the town. We stayed in a beautiful, two bedroom suite with the outdoor pool being the highlight for London. I will definitely be back. We got to visit The Enchanted Forest in Revelstoke, BC. This was also a first for me. I can’t remember the last time I wandered through a forest; there was something about being able to experience it with London that made it more “magical”. My favorite part: London signing her name in the book on our way out. Proud mom moment. Our final destination was Kelowna, BC. This was my first visit to Kelowna and I fell in love with the relaxed atmosphere and hot weather (& I’m not typically into warm weather, anything over 18*C makes me grumpy but I’ll thank the amazing tan I got on being accepting of with the weather). Looking back, I don’t feel like we did a whole lot, but the time flew by when we were there. We did daily trips to the Gyro beach, visited City Park playground – it was too bad the spray park was still closed due to the floods. We stopped in at Old Meadows Organic Farm & Market to grab some peas and cherries, which was basically the highlight for me. I wanted to try one of the U-Pick Farms but this was much easier, plus gave us more play time. On our last night, we got a little dressed up and of course, had to try a local Mexican Restaurant, Hector’s Casa. Yelp! & Trip Advisor has this place on their Top 3 best Mexican Restaurants. On our way home, we visited The Jammery for some French Toast and HAD to check out this place called “Dave’s Goat Walk”. Okay, so Kris has been talking about this place and I’ll be honest, I didn’t really believe it was a thing. He explained it along the lines of, the goats are on a bridge above you, you put some food into a can and the goats wheel up the can, which is attached to a rope and they eat it. I thought it was crazy. It sounds crazy. Well, it’s true. The goats are on a bridge about 20 feet over your head and you literally put corn into a tin can, that is attached to a rope, that is attached to a wheel; the goats use their faces/noses to spin the wheel and move the can all the way up and then they eat it! London LOVED this. She even got to eat the goats from her hand. I hope this can become a yearly tradition. I’m really looking forward to doing more trips which include London and making memories with her.


Peppermint Oil? Yes, peppermint oil. I’ve suffered with migraines for as long as I can remember. The amount of Advil I consume in a month is disgusting and more than likely. extremely unhealthy. Since I started working at a desk again, I’ve noticed how tight my shoulders are and that tightness creeps into my shoulders and then into neck… I go for massages monthly, I visit my chiropractor every 2 weeks, I sometimes stretch (when I remember and no one’s looking) but NOTHING seems to last longer than a day. Sometimes the pain is so bad, I can’t get out of bed, I can’t open my eyes and can hear light. My supervisor was telling me about these essential oils she started using a few years ago, and mentioned Peppermint Oil was the answer to headaches. I did some research and didn’t realize all the health benefits peppermint oil had! These are a few I’m excited to try: Muscle Pain – acts like a natural pain killer and muscle relaxant. Allergy Relief – clears out sinuses and reduces other allergy symptoms Anti-Itch – apply to rashes to smooth the discomfort Sunburn Relief – peppermint oil can hydrate burn skin I'm on a few weeks of trying the peppermint oil and only have good things to say! I am looking to a long-term fix and my doctors and I have been talking about Botox; which I have an appointment for mid-October. Isn't that insane how long it takes to get into a specialist?! Either way, I am anxiously awaiting this appointment. Update to come!