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Birthday Planning

I thought the older my daughter got, the easier her birthday planning would become.

Well, this October will be her 4th birthday, and the sixth party I’ve planned for her [a sip-and-see and baptism included]. Each of these parties has had a guest list of 50+ people [I’m Italian! I have a lot of family + friends].

This year is the first year she’s actually made a point of picking a theme! Which made the event planner inside me beyond excited; I finally get to make her birthday vision, come to life and she gets to watch the magic happen. Today, we went out and started searching for décor; this will be a lot of DIY and with -70 days left and an eager 3-year-old wanting to help, I realized I have a lot of things to get done…but where do I start?

✓ The theme is complete [and is being kept a secret until the invites are out]. ✓Guestlist is done and sitting at 61 people. Two most important tasks are completed. Now to get motivated [and find the time] to start the décor! Luckily, weekly stops at Michaels has become the norm around here and waiting for things to go on sale is my specialty.

Wish me luck!