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Sustainival Carnival

Thursday evening, we checked out Sustainival carnival. Sustainival is powered entirely by renewable energy: solar, wind, and biodiesel produced from waste vegetable oil.

Taken from their website:
If we can produce a live event for 20,000 to 50,000 people where we can spin you and your friends in a Gravitron at 3x G-force on renewables, then we can do it for your village too. That was the basic premise. Now, throw in the Zipper, a Drop Tower, Electric Drift Trikes, and a Ferris Wheel for good measure, and pepper the whole space with educational games and brilliant interpretive street performances, and you’ve got a real show.

London is finally able to ride on the majority of the rides on her own! Which saves me going around and around, ride after ride [I get extremely motion sickness] plus this girl has no fear! So proud. We went right after work/school and lucked out on everything not being busy. Actually, the entire time there London was the only one on the ride. All the staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

London and her dad went on Bumper Cars and I got to enjoy the Drop of Fear with her. Yes, my almost 5-year-old, insisted we go on the scariest, tallest ride there [which happens to be my most favorite]. She was so excited on the way up, when we got to the top she got a little scared and after the drop, she cried for a minute and told me it was so scary and never wanted to do it again. I was extremely proud she did it though!

I hope the Sustainival Carnival comes back because I will definitely check it out again!