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Let’s talk dress code. Have you ever shown up to an event feeling either extremely over/underdressed? The. Worst. Personally, I would rather be overdressed than underdressed. Plus depending on the event you will stand out [totally unacceptable at a wedding]! Here is your wedding wording attire decoder. White Tie This is the most formal of dress codes – think Met Ball Gala. I mean, isn’t it everyone’s dream to go to the Met Ball? Male: A long black jacket with tails that fall to the back of the knee, a white cotton or piqué shirt [Piqué, refers to a weaving style, normally used with cotton yarn, which is characterized by raised parallel cords or geometric designs in the fabric. Piqué fabrics vary from semi-sheer dimity to heavyweight waffle cloth, a similar texture is used in polo shirts.], white piqué vest, formal black shoes, and white piqué bow tie. Trousers should match the color and fabric of your coat and tails, and often feature a subtle satin or grosgrain stripe along the outer seams. Female: A formal, full-length A-line, sheath or ball gown. Glamorous makeup and dramatic jewelry and hair are totally appropriate. Black Tie This is the most common for a formal wedding – Fairmont MacDonald weddings

I often hear people say "I can just do this myself and save money" and they aren't wrong! You can totally pull off a beautiful day, without a planner or coordinator to help out. However, it might end up costing you in one way or another, maybe not financially but your sanity might be at stake, and if not yours, your bridal party, friends, or a family member.  Are you getting married? Then ask yourself these questions 👇🏻

The permission Asking for parents’ permission is still a pretty popular Canadian wedding tradition. 59% of couples polled had their parents’ input before popping the question. The engagement date December is the most popular month to get engaged. Moving in 76% of Canadian couples polled shared the same house before tying the knot. The wedding date September is the most popular month for Canadian weddings. The timeline The average Canadians couples took 14 months to put together their celebrations. The cost The typical cost of a Canadian wedding was about $29,450 [The average American spends $40,000 USD] The guest list Canadians average guest count is 154. Most countries polled stayed between the 100 to 200 guest range [smallest Colombia with 91 guests and largest India 524 guests.] The first dance 85% of Canadian couples polled got in on the tradition of sharing the first dance. The alcohol  87% of Canadian couples polled served alcohol at their weddings. The social media 45% of Canadian couples creating a wedding hashtag. The honeymoon 78% of couples took a little one-on-one time after the wedding and had a honeymoon, minimoon, or a staycation. Source: Wedding Wire

When we started planning Nicole + Kris’ wedding, we were ALL very excited. Backstory: Nicole + I have known each other f o r e v e r – we became besties in elementary (lucky me!) and I actually coordinated her little sister's wedding and her older sister has done photos for me countless times. So imagine the HONOR I felt when she and Kris asked ME to help plan their dream wedding. They had a vision and everything was going swimmingly until the coronavirus had the nerve to take over the world and ruin millions of people's wedding day plans. It MUST be noted, at the positivity, Nicole + Kris had shown throughout it all; beyond inspiring and so admired. They were willing to wait until THE WEEK OF to decide if they were postponing, going ahead, or pivoting. (Now remember, back in June, here in Edmonton, we were still in Phase 1; no gathering over 15 people were permitted. Nicole + Kris always envisioned a small, intimate wedding of 22 people. They wanted to share their day with their close friends and immediate family. We immediately went into a backup plan of having a ceremony guest list and a reception

What is a Minimony? A minimony is a mini ceremony held with your nearest and dearest or simply just you and yours truly.  A minimony is a ceremony can include up to 10 people and was created for those to honor their original wedding date or to move forward for legal purposes. The minimony will involve an officiant, a small group of loved ones, vendors your larger wedding would include: photographer, florist, + baker.     What is an Elopement? An elopement is traditionally unplanned, spur-of-the-moment. Over the last few years, they have evolved and become personalized in every way possible. An elopement is with the couple, a witness, photographer [who can double as a second witness], and the officiant.   What is a Microwedding? A microwedding is a small wedding of immediate family and super close friends, typically around the 50 guests mark. A microwedding is a cross between an elopement and a traditional wedding. Even though a microwedding can save you money, it will still be the same time investment. Some couples are spending an entire wedding budget ($40k+) and adding expenses such as hotels and transportation, items that normally may not have been affordable in a traditional wedding budget.   What is a Sequel Wedding? A sequel wedding is basically has

Dear 2020 couples, I  f e e l  y o u. I feel you because this is the beading of my wedding dress. This is the dress I was supposed to be celebrating in, this summer. I was supposed to be beginning a new chapter of my life, alongside my new husband, amongst our closest friends and our families. For those of you who don't know, I was also getting married this year. Our wedding reception was set for Friday, June 26, 2020, with 66 very important people at a local downtown restaurant. We never thought we'd be planning our wedding so soon. When Kris popped the question in December 2018, he knew I always envisioned a longer engagement [like 5 years long]. Even though people thought we were crazy, it was what made the most sense, for us. [Plus I swear every planner I've ever spoken to says "I don't want to plan my own wedding" and I was no different. I just didn't have the urge to start planning the second I was engaged. I wanted it to be smooth, I didn't want the pressure and I didn't want to rush throwing something together.] When you're a Wedding Planner, you're constantly