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Last weekend I was hired to for a Full-Day of Coordination by Lianna + Dylan; ​​I did centerpiece set-up, backdrop set-up, ceremony coordination, reception coordination, and teardown. ​This was the perfect way to allow their families to sit back and soak in the celebration!

Now I’ve known Lianna for 20ish years. Her older sister Nicole is one of my longest friends and we went to elementary school together​. Her ​​​​​​oldest sister Chelsey is a local photographer who did my 2019 branding photos​!​

Lianna + Dylan got married in front of 98 guests at The Country Lodge in Edmonton, Alberta. The venue is the perfect rustic feel, within the city.

These two were a dream to watch. Their Made of Honor said it perfectly “Dylan, when you look at Lianna you can’t help but smile.” and I witness that countless time throughout the evening. After 10 years together, that's incredible! I wish them a lifetime of happiness together and I'm so honored I watched Lianna become a wife to the love of her life!

Have you ever met someone who automatically had the ability to make everyone around them comfortable? That is Alysha. She has such a warm smile, genuine heart, and has a calm to her; she was so relaxed the entire day!

Alysha contacted me early 2019 for her and her fiancé Aaron, June 22nd wedding, and I was hired for the ceremony and reception coordination and timeline assistance [Wedding Day Management].

Their ceremony was held in the beautiful Hasting Lake Gardens, where I was in charge of filling seats [this where I move guests around for better photos] and playing ceremony music before, during, and after! Alysha and Aaron were very organized and had playlists ready to go. Hasting Lake Gardens have a sound system available, but you do need to put someone in charge of those timing points [arrival, walking down the aisle, grand entrance, the signing of the marriage certificate, and walking out] which is where I came in.

The reception was held at the Ardrossan Recreation Complex; I did a once over of the tables, they had set-up the night before, finished off centerpieces by lighting candles, and set up the dessert table.

During the reception, I worked with the MC’s to keep everything on schedule [their MC’s killed it], the timing of food and events. It’s so important to get those special photos in your day.

Alysha and Aaron’s friends and family were so friendly and enjoyable to be around! Alysha’s family-friend Barbara made the most amazing cherry tarts and she was the sweetest women. I loved seeing Alysha’s parents enjoying themselves and smiling the entire time.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day! You two are going to nail this marriage thing.

This past weekend I officially kicked off my 2019 wedding season!

I was hired by their MC’s as a wedding gift [how thoughtful]. Being hired by a third-party can sometimes make things a little tricky, as it adds another face into the mix [or like this time, two]. I lucked out on having such an easy-going couple and some fantastic MC’s.

Since there are so many different ideas, when it comes to what a Month-Of Planner does, I thought I would list my responsibilities this year from each of my weddings.

I got to assist Samantha in creating her timeline; distributing the timeline to her vendors; supervising her vendors during set-up; finishing off last minute set-up details; gathering individuals for speeches, and dancing; and of course, managing the 120 guests. My main goal was still to keep everything on time; vendors were doing what was needed to be done; ensuring the couple was enjoying themselves; and this time, I also needed to ensure the MC’s were fully taken care of so they could do their job as seamlessly as possible!

Thank-you Samantha + Brandon for allowing me to be part of your special day!

I was talking to my personal trainer about engagement parties a while back and he asked what the point of an engagement party was. [I gave him a break; he’s male, not married, younger, and has never been to one – I couldn’t hold it against him] Plus I thought it would be a great excuse for a blog post! Traditionally, an engagement party is hosted by the Bride’s parents. It is used as an ice breaker for both sides of the family to get to know each other better. However, it is 2019 and a lot of traditions are thrown out the window. My fiancé and I, just hosted our engagement party last month and we decided to do things a bit more “untraditionally”. We used it as an excuse to bring our family and friends together, to celebrate this exciting time in our life! We also just want a reason to throw a party. Make sure you enjoy yourself! Take time after the proposal to soak in that fiancé and fiancée time! Most people get married within 18 months of getting engaged. Don’t rush the engagement party. We hosted a small dinner with our immediate family; grandparents, parents, and siblings plus my

This seems to be a hot topic on several different platforms and communities; tipping. What's accepted, what's expected, and what's allowed. These are my thoughts when it comes to the subject. I feel like I have enough experience, as I’ve been in the service industry for over 10 years; I am a certified make-up artist and I did do freelance makeup for a few years & with my experience in catering and hotels, I can confidently say I know a few things. Caterer I have yet to see a catering contract that does not include gratuity; check them over carefully, I’ve seen some pretty interesting wording on gratuities. Any food services, there is an expectation on tipping – Standard: 15-20% Entertainment: musicians/band/DJ I find most DJ’s do not expect a gratuity but will accept if offered. Musicians/Bands are tipped for their services, but remember this is YOUR budget. Always base it on the level of service, the ability to keep a crowd going and how happy you were with the entire picture – Standard $20+ per band member Florists Florists are one of the two who you do not need to tip. Hair Stylist/ Make-up Artist Out of all the vendors, this is the one I struggle with the

December 2017, I was chatting with some co-workers over lunch, about travel goals; places we’ve been, places we wanted to see and places we would pretty much die to go. I mentioned how I’ve always dreamt about visiting New York City during Christmas and going before turning 30 was an ultimate goal. At this point, I had two other vacations planned in 2018 and I knew it was a far-fetched dream. Fast forward to June 2018 I was being told that I would be whisked away to New York City over Christmas and for my 30th birthday [My Birthday and Christmas happen to only be 3 days apart]. My amazing [now] fiancé bought our plane tickets and I planned the rest! Well, I had help, but I totally took it upon myself to do the majority of the planning. Kris’ sister joined us on our trip [thank-god she is amazing]. Our flight left Christmas Day morning, so this meant I missed my first ever Christmas with London – it was bittersweet. After dropping her the night before, I came home and balled. I cried a few more times during the trip, but I knew she was having a lot of fun