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A few weeks ago, I was able to be a part of my first wedding in 2018! [Also, my first wedding in almost 4 years!]

I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am and how excited I am to begin doing what I love again! I was given an opportunity without even realizing the motivation it was about to give me.

Samantha and Paul are the perfect examples of pure, true, love. The way they looked at each other melted my heart and the love I saw they had for each other was so refreshing. They chose the most gorgeous venue, just outside Spruce Grove and went with a rustic country theme.

Samantha and Paul shared their special day with 120 of their closest family and friends. They had a BBQ-style buffet.

The love and support they have from their friends and family were incredible to see.

They had games set-up for their guests when they arrived, which was a fun twist on the outdoor party and a scavenger hunt to keep the guests entertained and get some fun photo ops.

The vision matched so perfectly with their personalities; carefree, easy-going and full of love.

& I might have fallen in love with a couple of new country songs!

I’ve been thinking about getting back into event planning for a while now. Of course, I had to weight out every single aspect; Good; Bad; Positive; Negative; and of course logistics, before thinking it may be might be a good idea. Well, here we are; May 1st and I think it’s a GREAT idea and a great way to start back up into event planning, even if it's only part-time. I recently got into Virtual Assisting and realized it’s such a good fit for what I do day-to-day, what I want to do in the long run, and what I have a passion for. I have a passion for planning, I love helping people, and I consider myself to be very organized [I mean what 20-something year old uses a paper planner to plan their entire life when there’s such amazing technology out there?] So why wouldn’t I tap into a market that could benefit a business, AND that I would truly enjoy doing? I am currently in the process of putting a business plan together, get my name out there and take the steps necessary to get back out into the event planning world. I’m excited to share my journey; I’ll be posted a

Laura, one of my best friends, turns 30 today. I was lucky enough to join her [& 5 of her other friends] on a weekend getaway to Calgary, a few weeks ago. I've known Laura for the majority of my life - we actually grew up together and ended up working together years later. She is one of the funniest women I know and I'm happy London's gets to call her auntie. We drove up and spent the afternoon shopping at Crossiron Mills, which I haven't personally been too since they originally opened in 2009. Of course, I spent more money on London than I did on myself. Even though I promised I wouldn't buy her anything

TWO WEEKS UNTIL VACATION MODE BEGINS. I feel like I just got back from Vegas but in reality, I've been home for 2 months and here I am counting down the hours until my next vacation. Plus after going on vacation without London, and being scolded about how “that can never happen again”, the timing was perfect. My grandparents have a property in Mesa, and I found a weekend that wasn’t insanely busy. Plus Kris and I have been talking about going to Arizona ever since finding out Mesa is home to Cubs Spring Training camp. Now I am mildly disappointed Arrieta didn’t get resigned, because if I’m honest, he’s the reason this whole thing started…but that's another story for another time. *Trip Down Memory Lane* Anyone who knows me should know I am obsessed with the Chicago Cubs; it all began when I was in Las Vegas for the Life is Beautiful Festival in September 2015. I was sitting at Tilted Kilt waiting for food and something or someone caught my eye. It was Arrieta. Jake Arrieta. They were playing the Pittsburg Pirates and he was pitching. Oddly enough, I wouldn’t say I was ever into beards, I’ve always been into blondes with

I did a workshop a few months ago, and the topic was “I’m Always Busy” and basically talked about how whenever you ask someone how they’ve been, the response is “busy”. But who is making them busy? They are. We are. We, parents, have busy lives, to begin with, then you add to school, activities, play dates, sports, etc. and there goes your entire life. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic but you know what I mean.

I love being busy; I actually thrive off of it. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I went home from a 9-5pm job every day; going home to relax, just isn't me. I've worked two (sometimes even three) jobs to keep me busy for as long as I can remember. I'm always signing up to be more involved, whether it's boards, committees or volunteering.

Example: A few weeks ago, I signed London up for baseball this spring; she has never played or really shown an interest, but it was her dad’s idea. So I found myself volunteering for a Division Director position, as well as the Opening Day volunteer. Almost immediately after doing so, I stopped and asked myself why it’s not possible for me to just do the minimum. I mean, that's what a lot of people do, isn't it? Why do I always need to sit on boards, and volunteer for everything?

I sometimes feel like I am overcompensating, and I constantly feel like I need to prove to myself that I can do everything.

I’ve been home from Vegas for a week now; I’m not sure if this is what it feels like when you get older, but it doesn’t even feel like I was there; it went by way too quickly. I’ve been six times since turning 21 (January 2010; October 2011; September 2013; April 2014; September 2015; January 2018) and it is still one of my favorite places to go. I've stayed at the MGM, Linq, Hard Rock & The Venetian. This last time, we stayed at The Venetian again and I have to give the concierge a HUGE shoutout; Mimi was incredible. She was so sweet and pleasant and I'm obsessed. Anyways- these are some things I’ve done and loved while in Vegas; Check out a show; My first time in Vegas, I checked out Cirque Du Soleil’s O at the Bellagio. Any Cirque De Soleil show is a good idea, you can get cheaper tickets by talking to your hotels' concierge. Shopping; If you love shopping as I do, I recommend a day trip out to the North Premium Outlets. Why North over South? I have no idea. I’ve been to both, I don’t remember anything specifically better of one over the other, but anyone you