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My best friend Kayla inspired me to do some self-evaluating a few weeks ago while she was talking about making a list. This list is compiled of '30 Things I'd Like To Do Before Turning 30'. I told her I was stealing this idea and doing my own list! Well luckily for me, I have 2+ years before I am 30 but as it's going right now, I have very little free time to think of anything other than London, work and more work

For the past few months, whenever London and I talk about her 4th birthday she's said "mommy, I want you to be happy when I am four." and I realized it was because I always told her I was sad she's growing up. With that being said, you can imagine the birthday weekend was a highly emotional one. I was holding back tears because I am so proud of the little human I've created. London is smart, caring, generous, feisty and just genuinely incredible. Every day I get to watch her grow and it blows my mind how. I think all moms have those moments when they feel like they aren't doing anything right; the days with the meltdowns, temper tantrums, the forgotten manners

Well, it's been announced & invites are officially out! This year, London asked for a "Batman Birthday". Which has me doing a lot of DIY - I found most of the décor from places such as Party City & Birthday Direct to be very masculine, and for a 4-year-old little girl, it had to be girly. ✓ Entertainment booked. This year I decided to try a face painter. The kids get to go home with something and it's also an activity to keep them busy. ✓ finished the birthday banner. ✓ Custom streamer. ✓ Menu planning. I'm currently working with my cake lady on designing a custom birthday cake. I need to finish up the gift bags. I will post the inspirations, as well as the actual décor after the party is over [I have to leave some excitement to the guests.] -32 days until the party.  

A child's 1st Birthday is always the biggest. Your baby isn't a baby anymore. They are likely getting pretty independent by this point; they can move, they can eat and they can communicate [kind of]. For London's 1st Birthday, we had 3 separate parties - 1) Friends + Immediately family. 2) My family. 3) The in-laws. Total we had about 75 people between all 3 days. London's 1st Birthday was Sesame Street Themed. The biggest party was the friends + immediate family - which we rented out a banquet room at the Sands Inn and Suites to accommodate our larger guest count. It was also great because there was minimal clean up involved for us. We showed up, decorated, and enjoy ourselves while their catering team took care of food and beverages and clean up. Their culinary team put together some incredible platters in shapes of the Sesame Street characters. Now at this age, there isn't a lot of room for activities. Mainly because you cannot get one-year-old kids to sit and focus. We kept it simple with balloons and a ball pit. I've never seen kids have so much fun. The kids went home with some party bags from Party City -

As I'm planning London's 4th birthday, I can't help but reminisce over the last three birthdays. I thought it would be fun to showcase the past 3 years of parties over the next month. For London's 3rd birthday, we did a Minnie Mouse Theme which of course came equipt with mini hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, a cookie decorating station, jewelry making station, bouncy castle, & my favorite; custom Minnie Mouse cake! Party favors included Minnie/Mickey ears for the littles. I get so emotional every time I think of planning another birthday. Definitely not ready for my little girl to start her 1st day of Preschool this year, even enrolling her in unparented activities have me tearing up! Can't they just stay little forever?!

I thought the older my daughter got, the easier her birthday planning would become. Well, this October will be her 4th birthday, and the sixth party I’ve planned for her [a sip-and-see and baptism included]. Each of these parties has had a guest list of 50+ people [I'm Italian! I have a lot of family + friends]. This year is the first year she’s actually made a point of picking a theme! Which made the event planner inside me beyond excited; I finally get to make her birthday vision, come to life and she gets to watch the magic happen. Today, we went out and started searching for décor; this will be a lot of DIY and with -70 days left and an eager 3-year-old wanting to help, I realized I have a lot of things to get done…but where do I start? ✓ The theme is complete [and is being kept a secret until the invites are out]. ✓Guestlist is done and sitting at 61 people. Two most important tasks are completed. Now to get motivated [and find the time] to start the décor! Luckily, weekly stops at Michaels has become the norm around here and waiting for things to go on