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Canadian Wedding Statics

The permission
Asking for parents’ permission is still a pretty popular Canadian wedding tradition.
59% of couples polled had their parents’ input before popping the question.

The engagement date
December is the most popular month to get engaged.

Moving in
76% of Canadian couples polled shared the same house before tying the knot.

The wedding date
September is the most popular month for Canadian weddings.

The timeline
The average Canadians couples took 14 months to put together their celebrations.

The cost
The typical cost of a Canadian wedding was about $29,450
[The average American spends $40,000 USD]

The guest list
Canadians average guest count is 154. Most countries polled stayed between the 100 to 200 guest range
[smallest Colombia with 91 guests and largest India 524 guests.]

The first dance
85% of Canadian couples polled got in on the tradition of sharing the first dance.

The alcohol 
87% of Canadian couples polled served alcohol at their weddings.

The social media
45% of Canadian couples creating a wedding hashtag.

The honeymoon
78% of couples took a little one-on-one time after the wedding and had a honeymoon, minimoon, or a staycation.

Source: Wedding Wire