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Recap Canmore 2018

This past long weekend, my boyfriend and I got to have a kid-less weekend away. Originally, my plan was to surprise him but I can’t keep secrets when I know how happy something will make someone. So I ended up telling him almost immediately. This was also my way of thanking him for all his help over the last 4 months with weddings. He was my unofficial assistant and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without his support.

This is my 3rd time in Canmore, but I’ve never actually been to Canmore for longer than 12 hours. It’s always a stop on our way to BC in the summer. Canmore is a gorgeous little town, you have mountains on every side and it’s quiet.

We arrived Saturday evening and met some friends for dinner at The Iron Goat; I got to finally meet my newest niece, Charlotte and get all the baby cuddles. Plus got a few hours of entertainment from my nephew, Luca.

Sunday, I booked a brewery tour at The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company First, we had some lunch at TANK310; We were one of three tables, which surprising. considered it was a Sunday long weekend. We shared the pretzels & pickles, which were delicious and the Pizza a la Nonna. It was a perfect amount to share before basically getting day tipsy from a lot of beers. Lunch 9 out of 10

The Tour was a bit behind on beginning, but we enjoyed a full tour of the brewery and were able to see the entire building. The host gave a quick intro to all 4 samples and we were able to try a few while waiting for our tour to begin. All around, it was a fun and educational experience. Tour 9 out of 10

For dinner, we went to The Pub I couldn’t believe how busy this place was! We were told it would be a bit for a table, but literally got sat as we were taking off our coats. The service was extremely slow, but the food was delicious. The chicken wings were the best I’ve ever had. The burger was incredible, but two patties were too much, especially when you don’t have a choice. Beers again were delicious. Dinner 6 out of 10

This weekend was a perfect weekend to unwind before the craziness of Christmas takes over. These are really the only types of vacations I can sit back and relax on.