May 16 2022 | Uncategorized

Let’s Talk Florals

With Jill from Freewill Feild + Flower For many couples, in addition to a number of other ‘firsts’ that come with wedding planning, weddingflowers are the first time they have purchased or even thought about purchasing flowers for any size ofevent! The process can seem overwhelming and there is a lot of information out there […]

Jul 04 2021 | wedding

Dress Code

Let’s talk dress code. Have you ever shown up to an event feeling either extremely over/underdressed? The. Worst. Personally, I would rather be overdressed than underdressed, and depending on the event, you will stand out either way, which is totally unacceptable at a wedding! Here is your wedding wording attire decoder. White Tie This is […]

Jun 20 2021 | wedding

Commonly Forgotten Items on your Wedding Day

Obviously, I’m Team Wedding Planner here at Olivia Fata Events, so I’ve compiled a list of commonly missed items and details for your Wedding Day. I’ve been on both sides and I’ll be honest, your bridal party wants nothing more than to be there to enjoy the day with you and that includes your parents, […]





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