Well, it’s been announced & invites are officially out!

This year, London asked for a “Batman Birthday”. This has me doing a lot of DIY – I found most of the décor from places such as Party City & Birthday Direct to be very masculine, and for a 4-year-old little girl, it had to be girly.

✓ Entertainment booked. This year I decided to try a face painter. The kids get to go home with something and it’s also an activity to keep them busy.
✓ finished the birthday banner
✓ Custom streamer
✓ Menu planning

I’m currently working with my cake lady on designing a custom birthday cake. I need to finish up the gift bags. I will post the inspirations, as well as the actual décor after the party is over [I have to leave some excitement to the guests.]

-32 days until the party.






Edmonton, Alberta, Canada