A child’s 1st Birthday is always the biggest. Your baby isn’t a baby anymore. They are likely getting pretty independent by this point; they can move, they can eat and they can communicate [kind of]. For London’s 1st Birthday, we had 3 separate parties – 1) Friends + Immediately family. 2) My family. 3) The in-laws. Total we had about 75 people between all 3 days.

London’s 1st Birthday was Sesame Street Themed.

The biggest party was the friends + immediate family – which we rented out a banquet room at the Sands Inn and Suites to accommodate our larger guest count. It was also great because there was minimal clean up involved for us. We showed up, decorated, and enjoy ourselves while their catering team took care of food and beverages and clean up. Their culinary team put together some incredible platters in shapes of the Sesame Street characters.

Now at this age, there isn’t a lot of room for activities. Mainly because you cannot get one-year-old kids to sit and focus. We kept it simple with balloons and a ball pit. I’ve never seen kids have so much fun. The kids went home with some party bags from Party City – all Sesame Street themed, of course.

This theme is going down as one of my favorites.






Edmonton, Alberta, Canada