Nov 04 2023 | events

The Importance of Choosing Licensed and Insured Vendors for Your Event

Planning a wedding can be an exciting yet daunting experience. From selecting the perfect venue to creating a delectable menu, every detail contributes to the magic of your big day. Amidst the excitement, lies a crucial aspect that often gets overlooked: the significance of choosing licensed, insured and trustworthy vendors. While the allure of cost-effective […]

Aug 21 2023 | events

Floor Plans

Seating arrangements should be carefully considered to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all attendees. When it comes to seating grandparents or older individuals near the dance floor, there are a few reasons why this might not be the best idea: Volume and Noise: Dance floors at events can get quite loud due to […]

Jul 13 2023 | planning guide

Coordinator vs. Planner

While the terms “wedding coordinator” and “wedding planner” are often used interchangeably, there are some differences in their roles and responsibilities. Here’s a breakdown of the key distinctions: Wedding Coordinator: sometimes referred to as a “day-of coordinator” (which we really need to remove from our vocab). The primarily focuses on managing the logistics and operations […]





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