I’ve been thinking about getting back into event planning for a while now. Of course, I had to weigh out every single aspect; Good; Bad; Positive; Negative; and of course Logistics, before thinking it may be might be a good idea.

Well, here we are; May 1st, and I think it’s a GREAT idea and a great way to start back up into event planning, even if it’s only part-time.

I recently got into Virtual Assisting and realized it’s such a good fit for what I do day-to-day, what I want to do in the long run, and what I have a passion for.

I have a passion for planning, I love helping people, and I consider myself to be very organized [I mean what 20-something year old uses a paper planner to plan their entire life when there’s such amazing technology out there?] So why wouldn’t I tap into a market that could benefit a business, AND that I would truly enjoy doing?

I am currently in the process of putting a business plan together, get my name out there, and take the steps necessary to get back out into the event planning world.

I’m excited to share my journey; I’ll be posted a lot of what I get up to!






Edmonton, Alberta, Canada