Trends. These have been noted to be some of the most popular trends of 2021. Obviously, backyard weddings have become huge in Edmonton due to COVID restrictions. I’ve also seen a lot of Ratten, and effortless tablescapes being requested. I think elevated cocktail menus and mini munchable have been around for some time, but have always been a big fan. Are you incorporating any of them into your 2021 wedding planning?

  • Enchanting Natural Backdrops
  • Effortless Tablescapes
  • Backyard Weddings
  • Monochromatic Neutrals
  • Travel Themed Details
  • Heirlooms & Vintage Objects
  • Rattan (woven texture)
  • Studio Style Photography
  • Tropical Tones in Florals
  • Cascading Bouquets
  • The New Bohemian
  • Easy Hair
  • Statement Earrings
  • Convertible Gowns
  • High Necklines
  • Elevated Cocktail Menus
  • Mini Munchables
  • Plated Meals
  • Victorian-Inspired Sweets





Edmonton, Alberta, Canada