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Stylized Shoots can be essential to any wedding vendor who is starting out, wanting to work with someone new, or try a completely new style or vision.

First, you need to come up with the vision and stick to it, which is much easier than it sounds. You know when you’re on Pinterest, looking for a photo and you end up finding a dozen other amazing photos? Yup, that will likely happen. This is why I’m a big vision board person. Are you thinking industrial, chic, modern, bohemian? Try thinking about the type of couples you want to attract or maybe a niche that’s missing in your area. 

Then start building your vendor team. It’s important to find vendors who are excited about the vision and don’t want big changes to the vision (it’s really hard to start changing things half way through, especially when there are either a few vendors on board or money has already been spent). If you’re really indecsive about a vision, try finding a co-creator. I recommend finding a vendor you really want to work with and team up.

Now how do you ask people to get involved? This is my specialty! Coordinating everything is what I do, by writing out a detailed timeline with expectations, materials needed, the mood board, and include the end goal (if it’s going to publication or just for social). Also, don’t be discouraged if they aren’t able to participate! Some vendors may not have the time, or feel it’s not the best fit. It’s never personal.

How to create a mood board? Remember how I mentioned Pinterest? Well, enjoy! I only find 3-5 photos, open up Canva, choose a colour palette, location, time of day, and this is where vendors can do what they do best (creative freedom). After all, this is why they were asked to collaborate, right?

Finding a location can completely change the entire mood of the shoot. Make sure you visit the site in person and during the time of day you are planning on shooting. Bring the photographer if possible, to ensure this will fit the vision. Also, make sure you are allowed to be on the property! Last location tip, if you’re shooting in Alberta, the weather can be unpredictable, so you might want a backup plan.

MODELS! I like to use real people who have a genuine connection with each other. Usually couples or friends. I’m sure there are tons of opinions on this, but I think that chemistry is super important. You can also approach an agency and pay for models if your budget allows.

Timeline, which I mentioned above, is super important for everyone to know when they are coming, going and what exactly they will be doing. There are tons of moving parts in a Stylized Shoot and everyone needs to be on the same page. This is also a fantastic way to gather everyone’s social handles, websites and contact information.

Put together a shot list, just as your couples would for their wedding. It’s very easy for things to get forgotten when there is a time crunch or so many moving parts. So make sure you ask each vendor what’s important to them to have shot. 

If submitting to publication, have one person do a write-up and do the actual submission. Ensure they do over all the guidelines and nothing is missed; file sizes, types of files, how many photos required, how to submit photos, and how long it will take for them to get back to back to you. FOLLOW THE RULES. You risk not getting published if you miss one tiny thing.

This is by far the most difficult, keep the photos OFF social media. Most publications require exclusives in order to post the photos (meaning they don’t want to be seen anywhere online), submit your work first, wait until they’ve been accepted, and then check to see what the rules are about posting online.

Lastly, it’s time to celebrate! Once they’ve been published, or if they are for social and you’ve received them back from the photographer, it’s time to celebrate all the work you and your team have done! This is your chance to brag and trust me, you deserve it. Make sure you tag all the vendors and give them credit. This will be amazing exposure to potential clients.

Design & Planning: @OliviaFataEvents
Mobile Bar & Inspiration: @thebottledbronco
Photography: @amymoedt & @_nutmegphotography
Decor: @OliviaFataEvents
Tables/Linens: @infinite_event_services
Florals: @buttercup.yeg
Desserts: @SharpeSweetsYEG
Signage: @lchomemade_yyc
Make-up: from @SheenaRaeBeauty
Hair: @dessie0657 from @SheenaRaeBeauty
Dresses Provided By: @DelicaBridal Bridal Gown Aesling | Bridemaid Gown – Jenny Yoo
Models: @sawrasaurusrex | @egarmstro | @machaabdallah





Edmonton, Alberta, Canada