Mar 07 2021

Types of Weddings

What is a Minimony? A minimony is a mini ceremony held with your nearest and dearest or simply just you and yours truly.  A minimony is a ceremony that includes up to 10 people and was created for those to honor their original wedding date or to move forward for legal purposes. The minimony will […]

Feb 07 2021

Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic

We are almost an entire year into this pandemic and this is a tough time for everyone, E S P E C I A L L Y couples. Emotions are running high and it’s normal to feel defeated. On April 23, 2020, Dr. Hinshaw announced there wouldn’t be large gathers until September 2020. Here we […]

May 01 2020

Dear 2020 couples,

Dear 2020 couples, I  f e e l  y o u. I feel you because this is the beading of my wedding dress. This is the dress I was supposed to be celebrating in, this summer. I was supposed to be beginning a new chapter of my life, alongside my new husband, amongst our closest […]





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