Dear 2020 couples,

I  f e e l  y o u. I feel you because this is the beading of my wedding dress. This is the dress I was supposed to be celebrating in, this summer. I was supposed to be beginning a new chapter of my life, alongside my new husband, amongst our closest friends and our families. For those of you who don’t know, I was also getting married this year.

Our wedding reception was set for Friday, June 26, 2020, with 66 very important people at a local downtown restaurant. We never thought we’d be planning our wedding so soon. When Kris popped the question in December 2018, he knew I always envisioned a longer engagement [like 5 years long]. Even though people thought we were crazy, it was what made the most sense, for us. [Plus I swear every planner I’ve ever spoken to says “I don’t want to plan my own wedding” and I was no different. I just didn’t have the urge to start planning the second I was engaged. I wanted it to be smooth, I didn’t want the pressure and I didn’t want to rush throwing something together.]

When you’re a Wedding Planner, you’re constantly scouting venues and finding hidden gems; we were engaged for about 6 months when I found the one. I brought Kris to the venue and to my surprise, he was sold. We decided on a date [a number pattern was super important to me, which is another reason why we weren’t in a rush]; signed the venue contract; and within 2 months, everything was planned.

Kris & I had always planned on legally getting married prior to our June reception. We envisioned a very small, surprise, dinner celebration with our immediate family, but after March 16th, 2020 with restaurants shut down, we knew this wasn’t a possibility.

Kris & I ended up getting married, it was just the 3 of us, and it was perfect.

With our ceremony vision being altered, we mentally prepared for our reception to follow. April 15, 2020, our venue confirmed they weren’t sure when they would be opening but would be happy in accommodating, any postponement plans we had.

2020 was supposed to be our year of celebration.

Not only do I understand what couples are going through at this time, but I also understand what vendors are going through. I personally, did not get deposits/payments made with no services done, back from 2/6 of our vendors. Whether I agree with it or not, isn’t the point. I understand that some small businesses NEEDED that cash to pay their overhead, or keep their heat and water running at home. It’s a tough situation, for e v e r y o n e. My heart aches for those couples effected by Covid19, those who have had to cancel, postpone, or alter their dream day. Your wedding day should be a day of happiness, joy, and love. I know that is all I wanted for mine. Our wedding is officially canceled but our love is not. Covid19 has made us rethink all that is important to us. Covid19 has made us come together. Covid19 has slowed us down. In the end, Covid19 will make us stronger.





Edmonton, Alberta, Canada