Have you ever met someone who automatically had the ability to make everyone around them comfortable? That is Alysha. She has such a warm smile, genuine heart, and has a calm to her; she was so relaxed the entire day!

Alysha contacted me in early 2019 for her and her fiancé Aaron, June 22nd wedding, and I was hired for the ceremony and reception coordination and timeline assistance.

Their ceremony was held in the beautiful Hasting Lake Gardens, where I was in charge of filling seats [this where I move guests around for better photos] and playing ceremony music before, during, and after! Alysha and Aaron were very organized and had playlists ready to go. Hasting Lake Gardens have a sound system available, but you do need to put someone in charge of those timing points [arrival, walking down the aisle, grand entrance, the signing of the marriage certificate, and walking out] which is where I came in.

The reception was held at the Ardrossan Recreation; I did a once-over of the tables, they had set-up the night before, finished off centerpieces by lighting candles, and set up the dessert table.

During the reception, I worked with the MC’s to keep everything on schedule [their MC’s killed it], the timing of food and events. It’s so important to get those special photos in your day.

Alysha and Aaron’s friends and family were so friendly and enjoyable to be around! Alysha’s family-friend Barbara made the most amazing cherry tarts and she was the sweetest women. I loved seeing Alysha’s parents enjoying themselves and smiling the entire time.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day!
You two are going to nail this marriage thing.

Wedding Coordinator : Olivia Fata
Wedding Photographer :
Ceremony : Hastings Lake Gardens
Reception : Ardrossan Recreation






Edmonton, Alberta, Canada