Sam & Paul’s wedding was what got me back into Wedding Planning after being away for almost 3 years. They reminded me WHY I loved weddings.

Now I did this wedding on my own, and boy did I wish I had some help. All the major setup was done by the venue (tables, chairs, table cloths, place settings) but everything else was moi, at an unstaffed, rustic, venue with off-site catering, it’s A LOT of work. I am so so so grateful I was able to be there.

Sam & Paul were surrounded by friends and family who gushed over their love for them. As much as I helped them on their day, they helped me find my passion again!

Wedding Coordinator : Olivia Fata
Wedding Photographer : Freemark Photography
Ceremony : Leder Barn
Reception : Leder Barn





Edmonton, Alberta, Canada