Feb 28 2021

Should You Hire A Planner?

Are you getting married?  Ask yourself these questions… Do you have someone dedicated to ensuring everything is going to run on time, who is not in the wedding party, immediate family, or wanting to enjoy important moments of the wedding? Do you have a day of timeline? Who’s going to set up your decorations? Who’s […]

Mar 01 2019

Engagement Traditions

I was talking to my personal trainer about engagement parties a while back and he asked what the point of an engagement party was. [I gave him a break; he’s male, not married, younger, and has never been to one – I couldn’t hold it against him] Plus I thought it would be a great […]

Feb 01 2019

To Tip or Not to Tip

This seems to be a hot topic on several different platforms and communities; tipping. What’s accepted; what’s expected; and what’s allowed. I consider myself to know a few things about gratuities and tipping, as I’ve been in the service industry for +10 years; I did freelance makeup for a few years; and with my experience […]






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