May 01 2020

Dear 2020 couples,

Dear 2020 couples, I  f e e l  y o u. I feel you because this is the beading of my wedding dress. This is the dress I was supposed to be celebrating in, this summer. I was supposed to be beginning a new chapter of my life, alongside my new husband, amongst our closest […]

Mar 01 2019

Engagement Traditions

I was talking to my personal trainer about engagement parties a while back and he asked what the point of an engagement party was. [I gave him a break; he’s male, not married, younger, and has never been to one – I couldn’t hold it against him] Plus I thought it would be a great […]

Feb 01 2019

To Tip or Not to Tip

This seems to be a hot topic on several different platforms and communities; tipping. What’s accepted; what’s expected; and what’s allowed. I consider myself to know a few things about gratuities and tipping, as I’ve been in the service industry for +10 years; I did freelance makeup for a few years; and with my experience […]





Edmonton, Alberta, Canada